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Charitic Angels Christmas Shopping Days

Charitic Angels is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Charitic Angels is a non-profit organization created by Sonia Henrion, which raises money through events useful, artistic, sporting and festive in favour of different associations each year. And once more it has organized a Christmas shopping event, running for three days at the end of November.

40 brands and exhibiting artists will gather in place du Chatelain. You can get all your Christmas gifts under one roof – chocolates, clothes, comics, decor, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. 30% of all sales will be distributed between two Belgian charities, Escalpade and Les Enfants de Salus Sanguinis. Hangar 18, 18 place du Chatelain. 27, 28 and 29 November, 11h00-18h00.

Join them and toast the imminent arrival of Christmas at the Nocturne cocktail night on 27 November at the same venue, from 20h00 to midnight. €20



Thursday, 27 November, 2014 - 11:01 - Saturday, 29 November, 2014 - 18:01 Hangar 18, 18 place du Chatelain. / Brussels angels, Brussels, charitic, charity,

Bazaar Christmas Market

Christmas craft market with local creators, coffee & cake, and free workshops

Our market will showcase the beautiful handmade work of creators from Belgium and
beyond. From clothes and textiles to jewellery and stationery, you'll discover perfect gifts
for all your loved ones. Free workshops will also give visitors of all ages the opportunity
to create something of their own. And of course, there will be some great coffee,
homemade cakes and some 'vin chaud' to get everyone in the festive mood.

Sunday 7 December, 12:00 - 20:00
Den Teirling, Rue Maes 89 Maesstr., Elsene/Ixelles (near Flagey)

Sunday, 7 December, 2014 - 12:00 - 20:00 Den Teirling / Brussels Brussels, christmas, expats, on, whats,

Eurochanukah celebrates 10th anniversary

The Jewish celebration of lights, better known as Chanukah, will take place this year from

16-25 December.

For 10 years, the Eurochanukah events have been bringing Jewish culture and the European institutions closer together. The European Jewish Community Centre (EJCC), which has been promoting Jewish culture within the European project of unity in diversity for 13 years, is hosting two separate events to celebrate the ten-year anniversary.

-On 16th Dec, on the Schuman roundabout at the heart of the European quarter, at 18h00 with guest of honour Didier Reynders, Belgian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, the celebrations will start with a Menorah lighting open to the public followed by a concert at the EJCC premises.

-On 17th Dec, in the premises of the European Commission, the Berlaymont, at 17h30, it will continue with the highlight of the Eurochanukah events, a Menorah lighting hosted by High Representative of the European Union and Vice President of the EC, Ms Federica Mogherini.

This event is open to EU members and external guests. A relevant exhibition called “Inspiring Unity” will be displayed.

109, Rue Froissart - 1040 Brussels, Belgium
email: events@ejcc.eu


Tuesday, 16 December, 2014 - 18:00 - Wednesday, 17 December, 2014 - 23:25 www.ejcc.eu / Brussels Brussels, centre, chanukah, Eurochanukah, jewish,

In May, 35 year old Belgian explorer and adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke will embark on a four-week 1,200 km summit-to-sea expedition across Poland’s highest mountain and along its longest river to end at the Baltic Sea. His means of transport will be hiking boots, kayak and a pack raft. 

In his day job Loncke is an engineer and management consultant, but thrives as a versatile explorer and adventurer who likes to step out of the management world and challenge himself by undertaking ‘world-first’ expeditions in diverse terrains.In his day job Loncke is an engineer and management consultant

Loncke’s Poland expedition will start by traversing the Tatras Mountains to reach Mount Barania Gora (1,220 m), the mountain source of the river Vistula. This 1,000 km long river covers more than half of Poland and as the country’s natural backbone winds through the famous cities of Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk.

‘A marathon per day for four weeks’
On his back he will be carrying mountaineering gear such as crampons, ice-axe, trekking poles along with Kayak gear, safety equipment and a lot of electronics, cameras, solar panels etc. His diet for the four-week marathon will be muesli cereal in the morning with purified water from streams. Dried sausages, cereal bars, chocolate, spaghetti and dehydrated food will be his main course.

“The Vistula is one of the last wild rivers in Europe,” Loncke explains. “This natural and unspoilt waterway offers breath-taking views, magical places, beautiful mountain streams, river bends, valleys and ravines. The mountains and rivers I will tackle will not allow for mistakes and there are evidently many risks.A 1,200 km summit-to-sea expedition

“The journey will be like doing more than a marathon per day for four weeks in the wilderness, and I will be carrying all my own equipment and supplies.”

Loncke’s 1200 km trip will involve 150 km on foot traversing mountains, 50 km in a pack raft, and 1,000 km of kayaking. This should all take 28 days at a speed of 42 km/day during which he expects to lose 11 kg in body mass.

Late developer
At the age of 27, Louis-Philippe had no idea about the world of extreme adventure until a late passion for scuba-diving brought him to travel for one year in Oceania in the south west Pacific.

Tempted by the idea of a solo desert crossing without assistance he surprised the Australian media in 2008 by becoming the first person to walk completely unsupported across the Simpson Desert, the most arid place in the country. Other expeditions include traversing the wild mountains of Tasmania (2007), and crossing of Fraser Island (Australia) the world’s largest sandbar. 150 km on foot

In 2009 he helped organize the highest chocolate tasting event in the world with a cultural walking journey from Kathmandu to Everest Base camp and raise funds for the first mobile hospital in Nepal.

Kayak initiation
The inspiration for the summit-to-sea adventure in Poland came from his experience last year when, after a one-hour kayak lesson, he toured Belgium’s 600 km of  waterways by kayak and got smitten by the bug. Another kayaker suggested the challenge of the Vistula and the plan started to crystallize. For Louis-Philippe, it will be his longest journey in terms of distance and a new level of kayaking.

Louis-Philippe Loncke has become one of the most respected adventurers of his generation. His ability to prepare expeditions in a short time while continuing his day job has amazed veteran explorers. His passion for adventure goes beyond his own achievements. He travels all over Europe meeting other explorers to share experiences, build connections and discuss new projects.

Accompanying him on the expedition will be British photographer and filmmaker Natalie Hill who will document the trip together with Polish adventurer and journalist Tomasz Grzywaczewski.





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